Alaskans rank at the top

Alaska, as readers of this magazine know, is a dream travel destination as well as a fine place to live. What many might not know, however, is how quirky Alaskans can be. From various sources—and a little experience—I’ve discovered the following stats about my fellow northerners.

Among all 50 states, Alaskans eat the most ice cream per capita. Perhaps that’s one reason Anchorage-ites were voted the worst dressed by a different magazine’s reader poll. It’s easier to hide the tummy roll under an old parka, right? Also, XTRATUFs are a staple on any real Alaskan’s boot rack, but add to that a pair of baggy Carhartt pants and a well-worn sweatshirt, and you’re ready for an evening out on the town for some…dessert wine? Yes, we Alaskans apparently like the sweet stuff, as we purchase, per capita, the most. Ruby port over “Crude Oil”

(chocolate ice cream with a salted fudge swirl from Anchorage’s Motley Moo Creamery) anyone? …Anyone?

And speaking of food, if you’ve been to our annual state fair, you know that we grow gigantic vegetables under the midnight sun. Scott Robb of Palmer holds the world record for green cabbage; his 2012 entry weighed a whopping 138.25 pounds. Alaskans take their gardening and locally grown foods seriously, but I doubt we hold any records in carrot consumption.

We drink the least juice of any state, imbibing in the bright stuff less than once or twice a week. Maybe when the climate warms to tropical here and we can grow oranges, we’ll reconsider.

Alaska has six times as many pilots per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. No surprise there. Bush planes are often the only way to get to the most remote areas of the state.

I’m guessing it’s the long winters that land us in the next category: Not counting work, watching TV, or gaming, Alaskans spend the most time in front of computers. Instead of exercising, volunteering, socializing, or any number of other worthy pursuits, we stare at our screens an average of two hours and 46 minutes per day. Per day! Yikes. Could be one factor in why we’re also the most scammed of our fellow Americans. 

And from personal observation, I know we are, hands down, the worst drivers ever. Maybe another bowl of ice cream would help us chill.

Caption: Move over Cindy, Heidi, Elle, etc. Here comes The Alaskan Bandit! This look pairs well with snow removal after a frigid windstorm. Prescription progressive wind goggles by 7Eye, repurposed nose- and cheek-warming mask courtesy of COVID19. And they say Alaskans don’t know how to dress for success. Pfft.


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