I’m looking at moving to an urban neighborhood in Alaska. Are there any you recommend? Check out The Real Last Frontier Estates. That place lives up to its name. The residents have daily axe-throwing competitions in the morning and seal oil chugging contests at night. There’s a nearby track perfect for bareback moose racing and footraces where the contestants are chased by a pack of wolves. It’s pretty safe, except for the semi-annual 9.2 earthquake and the volcano that explodes on the ninth day each month. Don’t be disappointed that there’s no community pool, because there is a community river that never freezes and has a year-round salmon run. Why do Alaskans think they’re so special? It’s a common adage that individuals are shaped by the people surrounding them. The same is true for the environment surrounding them. When you live in the nation’s largest state, under the continent’s tallest…