And into your own journey

Getting off the beaten path, this issue’s theme, means different things to different people. A short hike to an overlook above a lake popular with hikers and paddlers on weekends might be all one person needs to recharge her batteries before heading back to the city. Another might think teaching students in rural Alaskan communities is sufficiently out there to qualify. Someone else might consider diving deep into frigid waters to photograph undersea creatures his blissful escape. However you frame it, getting off the main drag in Alaska is as easy or complex as you want to make it.

This month, our features lead readers away from the usual to places like Naknek, Kasigluk, and Tuntutuliak in “Never a Dull Day” (page 64); a tiny cabin visited every summer in “Off-Grid in Moose Pass” (page 72); and underwater around Kodiak and Valdez in “What Lies Beneath” (page 54). 

Elsewhere here, discover the scrappy dog breed that’s trained to keep bears and humans safe and away from each other. Follow along on a ptarmigan hunt to lose yourself in the mountains. Meet a man who was forced to redefine his relationship to the outdoors. See the smart new prototype housing being built in Unalakleet in response to coastal erosion.

Whether you stick to the beaten path this summer or forge your own, check out our photo contest at alaskamagazine.com and enter your best shots for a chance to win publication and prizes.

Susan Sommer, Editor

[email protected]


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