Dallas Seavey

2021: 7d 14h 8m 57s

Dallas Seavey kneeling with arms around two dogs who have flower wreaths around their necks
2016 Iditarod Champion Dallas Seavey with his lead dogs Reef and Tide at the musher awards banquet in Nome after the race. Photo by Jeff Schultz.

Dallas Seavey, son of Mitch Seavey and a third-generation musher, achieved legendary status as one of only two competitors to have won five Iditarods. Consider him the Tom Brady of mushing, perhaps the G.O.A.T. of the sport, because, honestly, he shows no signs of using the brake on his sled anytime soon. The year after his father won the race, Dallas, just 18 at the time, entered as a rookie in 2005 and became the youngest person to finish the event. In 2012, he crossed the line as the youngest Iditarod champion. But Dallas wasn’t always a musher. One look at the mangled cartilage of his ears will tell you he once dominated the sport of wrestling. He won his weight division in 2003, at age 16, and represented the U.S. at the junior worlds two years later—his inaugural year of the Iditarod. Profiled in 2015 in Alaska magazine, Dallas admitted that concussions convinced him to stop wrestling. “The turning point,” he confided, “was when I realized I couldn’t remember the names of my dogs.” The rest, is, well, history—as father and son continue to dominate the sport, racing against each other again in 2022. See sleddogtours.com for more about Dallas.

Iditarod champion Dallas Seavey puts leg up on a sled at his kennel during summer.
Dallas Seavey at his kennel in Willow. Photo by Jeff Schultz.
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