Get the latest on resources and conservation

Have you ever wished you could find a one-stop source that concisely summarizes conferences, workshops, job openings, and public comment periods tied to natural resources across our big state? Turns out, you can. Just join the free What’s Up email list.

For 25 years, Peg Tileston has compiled this weekly digest. It arrives divided into three primary groupings that include conferences, workshops, and seminars; public hearings; and volunteer, intern, and employment opportunities. 

Interspersed throughout are community events, grants, scholarships, and much more, each with a descriptive blurb and online links.

“I feel strongly about citizen participation,” Tileston says about offering What’s Up for so many years. “People can’t get involved if they don’t know what’s happening.”

Tileston has been a leader in Alaskan conservation for over 50 years. She has led nonprofits, served on various community and government boards, and helped found several conservation organizations. She was inducted into the Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame in 2010.

What’s Up reaches over 6,500 subscribers, mostly Alaska residents, and is supported by The Alaska Center, Trustees for Alaska, and Alaska Community Foundation. Join by emailing [email protected].


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