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Table of Contents FIND THESE GREAT ARTICLES AND MUCH MORE IN THE NEW ISSUE OF ALASKA MAGAZINE. FEATURES PHOTO ESSAY RISING TIDE Discover the creatures of Alaska’s tidepools by Erin McKittrick A MECCA FOR ARCTIC GRAYLING Nome is an angler’s paradise by Les Gara ALASKA’S CHANGING SEAS Research reveals a complex underwater web by Sharman Haley DEPARTMENTS THE CACHE 20 | Cold and Crabby Deadliest Catch, but frozen over 22 | Happy Feet Group keeps traditional dance alive 24 | WILD by Nature Artist makes jewelry using fish scales 26 | Living Dangerously Fur seals flourish on active volcano DISCOVER 30 |Sense of Place Charting a New Course 34 | Rambles Uprooted 38 | Try This Fishing Derby 40 | Out There Rite of Passage 42 | Natural Alaska Newts and Their Nemesis 44 | Gear Go Fish! 46 | Tradition The Bark Canoe 48 | History Mardy Murie’s Impact…