Corinne Corson is an avid hiker and roams the hills of Northern California in her spare time. Often hiking on her own, Corinne purchased her SPOT Gen3 in 2014 when she began hiking through more remote areas with her trusty four-legged companion Tucker. On May 29, while off duty on a holiday, Corinne and Tucker set out on a new trail that she had never hiked before. With her paper map, some food supplies and emergency blanket, Corinne headed out for a quick eight mile hike. Prior to her adventure, Corinne made sure to let a close friend familiar with the area know where she was going just in case. At a critical point on the trail, Corinne noticed that her map, and only way of direction, had fallen out of her pack. She made a decision not to back track to find it thinking she knew where she was…