Frequently Asked Questions for the Alaska magazine iPad App

What does the Alaska magazine app cost? The app is a FREE download on the App Store in iTunes. Search for “Alaska magazine” in the iPad section of the store and tap the install button.

What does the app do? The app is a content viewer that allows you to access issues that you have paid for, optimized for tablet reading. The app is free, and each issue purchased is charged to your iTunes account.

What kind of app is it? Alaska magazine for iPad is a “replica” app. It is the identical content as the print edition, only in tablet form.

Can I zoom in? Yes, double tap the screen to enable pinch-and-zoom functionality, which allows for reading at the optimal type size for you.

How do I purchase issues? First, you need to establish an iTunes account. With that it’s as simple as tapping the “Buy” button and entering your iTunes account information. Then download the issue to your tablet.

Is the tablet version available on other devices? At this time the current version is available only on iPad. It is not viewable on iPhone, Android, desktop, or other platforms. We hope to add additional devices in the future.

Does my print subscription allow me to read the tablet version? Tablet purchases and print subscriptions are completely separate. One does not entitle a reader to the other.

Can I subscribe? You may subscribe for one year, per the terms of Apple iTunes. Subscriptions are automatically billed to your iTunes account and are auto-renewing unless the “auto-renew” feature is turned off in the user’s Account Settings at least 24 hours before subscription expires. Cancellation of an active subscription during its current period is not allowed.

Can I convert a print subscription to digital There currently is not a way to switch and have remaining print copies served digitally. However, you can cancel your print subscription and receive a refund for unmailed copies, and then start a new digital subscription. To do this, contact support at [email protected]

Should I allow Push Notifications We recommend that you allow push notifications since that is how we are best able to let you know as soon as a new issue has been added to the library.

Downloading and Auto-Lock To ensure that your download of a given issue is not disrupted by the device’s sleep function, turn-off your iPad’s Auto Lock during download. To turn off Auto Lock, go into Settings, then tap General. Tap Auto Lock, and select Never. Be sure to turn Auto-Lock back on when your download is complete. And always download over wireless rather than 3G.

How do I close and restart the App? Closing and restarting the app will sometimes solve problems you may be encountering. To close, double click on the home button. All open apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Hold your finger on any one of them until they all begin to wobble, indicating that they are now active. Tap the minus sign (-) on the app icon, and that app will close. Click the home button again to deactivate all open issues. Reopen your app by tapping it on the home screen.

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