MSR XGK Expedition Multi-Fuel Stove

I’ve brought this stove on trips from the Arctic Ocean to the Cape Horn of Tierra del Fuego and can’t praise it highly enough. No other stove I’ve used has lasted longer and been more faithful, making it the best cold-weather camp stove on the market. It puts out more BTUs than other stoves and, most importantly when it’s 50 below, is easy to clean. It burns just about any type of fuel—which is awesome when you’re traveling in places where you can’t purchase white gas. I’ve run it for months on diesel and unleaded gas when there were no other options for fuel. The XGK stove first hit the market in 1973 and, while it’s been updated to work even better, it’s still the number one expedition stove in the world. If you’re going big and wild, consider bringing the XGK. 

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Bjorn Dihle is Alaska magazine's gear editor and a lifelong resident of southeast Alaska. You can follow him at instagram.com/bjorndihle or facebook.com/BjornDihleauthor.

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