I love my gas lanterns, but I don’t love that they can be a fire danger especially as a dad of a couple of rowdy little boys who have an appetite for destruction. For a lot of camping trips, I switched to using a battery-operated lantern, partly for safety and partly because they are easier to use. I’ll never say goodbye to my Coleman lanterns, but there are some real perks to not playing with gasoline and fire. 

This fall I tried out Cascade Mountain Tech’s LED Camping Lantern. This thing is a beast of light—you don’t want to stare directly at it. Powered by eight D batteries, it is the brightest lantern I’ve used. At its lowest setting it shines for up to 250 hours, which is much longer than lanterns of a similar make. It does weigh nearly five pounds, which isn’t surprising considering the light and hours it puts out. It’s perfect for the home, road trips, and cabin and camping trips when weight is not an issue. Its handle is designed to hang from a carabiner, so it’s ideal for working in the shed or outside at night. It’s water resistant and has a USB port to charge electronics. I find it reassuring to have it on hand in my closet in case the power goes out or there’s an emergency. Whether you’re considering a big lantern for home or adventure, Cascade Mountain Tech Large LED Camping Lantern is a good option at a price that’s hard to beat.

cascademountaintech.com; $45


Bjorn Dihle is Alaska magazine's gear editor and a lifelong resident of southeast Alaska. You can follow him at instagram.com/bjorndihle or facebook.com/BjornDihleauthor.

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