Voices of Alaska


Longtime Fairbanks resident Carol Johnson says she grew up in an active family, and that habit stayed with her throughout her life. She bikes in the summer, skis in the winter, and does lots of walking. The 74-year-old is also a regular athlete in the Alaska International Senior Games, where she has competed in power walking, table tennis, cycling, track, and mini golf. “One of the words of inspiration would be, try something new. Second of all, try it with a buddy. I know sometimes it’s a little bit daunting to go out and try something on your own, but if you have a group of people—like when I play table tennis there’s a group of people—you can have a lot of fun. Part of what I like about table tennis is just the group interactions and laughing. We don’t play cutthroat, but we laugh. It’s a good social activity.…