Paxson Woelber in an orange jacket holding a white dog
Paxson Woelber with his dog. Courtesy Paxson Woelber.

Paxson Woelber is an Alaska-based freelancer whose media work includes web design, writing, and graphic design. He takes photos mostly as a hobby, earning just enough to pay for his camera equipment. Learn more about Paxson at winterbear.com.

“What I’m doing with my friends is grabbing a beer, going down to the beach, and going on these amazing walks in the dead of winter when there’s steam billowing up out of the ocean because it’s 10 below zero. Just really having fun. That’s another thing—I don’t necessarily want to show my friends being these ultra-hardcore people. I don’t want it to be too serious. We have so much fun in Alaska biking around glaciers, or going skating on a glacial lagoon, or climbing mountains, or being down on the coast, or going on these epic, crazy, funny skis around Anchorage in the middle of winter. It’s really, really, really fun. And I think a lot of adventure photography is kind of somber. It’s about making people look cool. I like it when photography reflects people actually enjoying themselves and goofing off and being creative and silly and rolling down hills or butt-sliding down snowfields in the summer. That’s the stuff that makes living in Alaska and adventuring up here so special. It’s something that gets ignored when people are always trying to do that iconic, ‘I’m on top of the mountain. Look how awesome I am,’ kind of photography.”


Alexander Deedy formerly worked as the assistant editor and digital content manager for Alaska magazine.

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