An advanced balloon will lift this capsule from Kodiak to space for two hours of sightseeing. Photo courtesy Space Perspective.

Within a few years, it may be possible to take a balloon ride from Kodiak to the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and see the northern lights from the edge of space. Space Perspective, a Florida-based start-up company, is entering the field of space tourism through its development of Spaceship Neptune. Neptune will use an advanced balloon to lift a pressurized capsule with up to eight people inside on a six-hour journey, including two hours suspended 100,000 feet above Earth. 

Test flights are scheduled to begin in early 2021, and though the initial journeys will launch from Florida, Space Perspective announced it plans to expand to future launch sites around the world, including the spaceport complex on Kodiak Island.


Alexander Deedy formerly worked as the assistant editor and digital content manager for Alaska magazine.

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