Kincaid Grill serves up beautifully presented dishes with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Photo courtesy Kincaid Grill.

Tucked in a quiet neighborhood a little off the beaten path, one of Anchorage’s best-kept culinary secrets serves up the quintessential taste of Alaska. Kincaid Grill specializes in regional cuisine, focusing on fresh local ingredients and a refined dining experience.  Chef Al Levinsohn and Chef Drew Johnson own the business. Levinsohn helped establish the culinary scene in high-end restaurants in Anchorage starting in the 1980s. Johnson is known as a rock star in Alaska’s gastronomic circles. In 2018, he represented Alaska in the Great American Seafood Cook-Off. Together, the two chefs have created a popular rendezvous. In the 17 years since the eatery opened, they have continued to refine their skills, crafting exceptional dishes with artistry. 

“Everyone knows that you eat with your eyes first,” Johnson said. “When you set something visually stunning and masterfully crafted in front of someone, and the oohs and aahs start, you know you’ve won them over before they’ve taken a bite.” 

A white plate decorated lavishly with food
Meals feature fresh local ingredients. Photo courtesy Kincaid Grill.

The menu includes fresh-caught king salmon, halibut, Kodiak scallops, and shrimp, as well as filet mignon, chicken, duck, and lamb. Vegan and vegetarian entrees are also available.

“We love to cater to special dietary needs, including them to craft a meal with great ingredients,” Johnson said. 

The entire menu is a fusion of each season’s flavors and textures with hints of Johnson’s southern Alabama upbringing. Alongside Alaskan seafood are options like buttermilk fried chicken, cheese grits, and gumbo. Every dish is masterfully presented, and wine pairing suggestions enhance the fare. Elegant desserts complete the repast.


Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan lives and writes from a small farm in Palmer. She is the author of several books about Alaska. For more information, visit kaylene.us.

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