Essential Alaska Gear

Whether you’re confronting a curious bear outside your tent at night or can’t make it out of the mountains before dark, a good headlamp is a vital part of any Alaska backcountry kit. I bring two headlamps on longer adventures in case one gets broken, lost, or just quits working—which happens more than I’d like to admit. While there’s everything from cheap and quick-to-break models to expensive and large floodlights on the market, the Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp is a good middle-of-the-pack option that was perfect for everything I needed. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty, it’s lightweight and offers a relatively long burn time. It fits comfortably, even when you have a Scandinavian bobble-head like me, and it’s easy to use. Other headlamps I’ve tried have stopped working due to moisture issues. I am excessively sweaty and live in southeast Alaska where we locals have more than 78 words to describe rain. The Princeton Tec Vizz has one of the highest water-resistant ratings, and mine is still running strong despite weathering months of cruel and unusual amounts of perspiration and precipitation. I hang mine on my wall next to my keys because it comes in handy around the house, too. If you’re looking for a solid yet affordable headlamp, the Princeton Tec Vizz is a good one to consider. 

princetontec.com; $50


Bjorn Dihle is Alaska magazine's gear editor and a lifelong resident of southeast Alaska. You can follow him at instagram.com/bjorndihle or facebook.com/BjornDihleauthor.

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