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I got the Regatta Bell Tent intending to use it for glamping on an island near Juneau. My plan was to set it up in the spring on a piece of property my family owns, so my kids and other family members would have a nice shelter for the summer. It was late in the warm season when I got the tent and, since work had me out of town, I wasn’t able to make good on that dream. Instead, just as the late summer rains and winds were coming to southeast Alaska, I pitched it in my backyard. It was quick, easy, one-man set up. My four-year-old promptly moved in and insisted that we sleep in it for the next three weeks. During the day, he, his younger brother, and their cousins spent hours playing in it. 

White Duck uses a tent fabric they call DYNADUCK. The company says it “is 100% double-fill army duck cotton canvas, treated with a PFC-free, fire and water repellent, mold & UV resistant finish.” There is a stove jack, so you can use a small wood stove to keep you warm during cold days and nights. Numerous vents and zippered windows add to your comfort. The 13’ model is in the middle for the range of sizes Regatta Bell comes in—the smallest is 8’ and the largest is 20’. My 13’ tent has a center height of over 8’ and can easily accommodate six campers. It’s the perfect size for glamping with my family of four and our dog. The tent is durable and waterproof, and will last a long time—White Duck doesn’t cut any corners. I’d recommend it for a home away from home for all but the nastiest and most wintry situations.

There’s a lot I like and can say about this tent. Fun is the first word that comes to mind. Little kids love to play in tents, but the Regatta Bell was next-level fun for them. They were heartbroken when I put the tent away last fall. As soon as the snow melts, though, I hope to set up the tent on my family’s property. I’m already dreaming of all the good times we’ll have.

Whiteduckoutdoors.com; $890


Bjorn Dihle is Alaska magazine's gear editor and a lifelong resident of southeast Alaska. You can follow him at instagram.com/bjorndihle or facebook.com/BjornDihleauthor.

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