Matanuska Glacier – Courtesy Walter Siegmund

Making the Stop

By Alexander Deedy

In our May Road Trip issue, I got to write about a few of my favorite scenic stops on Alaska’s road system, but I had to leave several out. If you’re out on Alaska’s roads this summer, here are a few more spots worth the stop.

Flattop Just a short drive from downtown Anchorage, the parking lot at the Flattop Mountain trailhead offers a great viewpoint to look out over the city without even getting your hiking shoes dirty.

Matanuska Glacier About two hours north of Anchorage by car, the Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in Alaska accessible by car. There’s plenty of opportunities to pull over and shoot some pictures overlooking the glacier along the Glenn Highway.

Portage Lake South of Anchorage on the junction to Whittier, Portage Lake is home to the Begich, Boggs Visitor Center, which is built on the terminal moraine left behind by Portage Glacier. Learn about the glacier and catch a boat ride across the lake to the glacier’s face. 

Skilak Lake There’s a loop road around this lake on the Kenai Peninsula that offers a great chance to break the monotony of driving and an opportunity to spot hares, olive-sided flycatchers, and other wildlife.

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