Kevin Johnson of Ketchikan Native Tours

Kevin Johnson loves his hometown. He and his wife, Melissa, own and operate Ketchikan Native Tours, which offers hiking, sightseeing, and more, all while sharing insight into southeast Alaska’s Indigenous cultures.

“We love sharing our Alaska Native heritage and our connection to the land and ocean. We’re Ketchikanites too, so we know all the little intricacies of our beautiful community.

Ketchikan has a tremendous Indigenous history with our Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian people, and our Aleut community and World War II internment camp history. There’s Norwegian influence, too. So we have this diversity of art, religion, and industries. It’s fascinating how it all forms the community of Kichxáan, as the original Tlingit inhabitants called Ketchikan.

One of my favorite spots is Totem Bight State Historical Park. It’s a collection of restored totem poles from neighboring villages and it sits right on the water with beautiful wildlife and scenery.

Another favorite is a little fishing pub called Hole in the Wall. It’s a very local spot in a little cove by a marina and people love it because it’s real. There’s nothing cooler than taking a group of people from New York City there to enjoy a beer.

We also hike the local trails, or we’ll take kids to the beach to look at the tideline. We adapt to provide an intimate experience, and we share information on science, wildlife behavior, and our connection to salmon. And we have a good time at it.


Find Ketchikan Native Tours at alaskanativetour.com.


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