To make salmon gravlax begin with two fillets. Set one in a glass baking dish, flesh-side up. Cover both with a thin coat of sea salt and brown sugar. Place fresh dill over the fillet in the dish and put the other fillet face-down over the first so the dill is sandwiched between the meat. Stretch plastic wrap around the fillets and set the package back in the baking dish. Place a few clean, heavy rocks on top and refrigerate. Every couple of hours, turn the package over, keeping the weight on top. In six hours or so the fish is ready to eat or freeze.

To serve, use a fillet knife to cut thin slices; place them on a bagel smothered with cream cheese. Garnish with cilantro. Experiment using lightly smoked salmon fillets and/or adding herbs and spices. Use freshly crushed blueberries instead of the dill for a sweeter tasting lox (and psychedelic color!). 


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