Dana Stabenow is a Homer-based author and the founder of Storyknife, a writers’ retreat for women. Her latest book, Spoils of the Dead, was released in February. 

“There is a commonality to my work, and it is this: They all feature, if not in first place, certainly in second place, a strong, capable woman character. All of my books, all of them. I can’t say that I don’t do that because the evidence is right there, even for me to see. So, I guess if I want somebody to take something away from my books, it’s that my mother never told me I couldn’t do something just because I was a girl. And I think that’s how I write my characters. There’s nothing they can’t do. And if people take anything away from my books, I hope it’s that.”


Alexander Deedy formerly worked as the assistant editor and digital content manager for Alaska magazine.

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