If there was ever a Hunger Games in Alaska — something we’re all hopeful will happen soon — Heather Douville would show Katniss Everdeen a thing or two about a thing or two. Douville lives in the Tongass National Forest and has honed her impressive skillset from years of hunting, fishing, and gathering. She is Tlingit and lives on Prince of Wales Island, which has been her people’s home since time immemorial. Her first memories are of salmon and deer. Growing up, Douville was constantly outside with her dad and brother working and gathering wild foods. She shares her harvest with her community and elders. She also sews and makes Native crafts, hats, and other gifts. Douville loves her rainforest home and culture as fiercely as a grizzly mama protects her young. Follow her on Instagram @akmoosie and @potlachgirl.

Heather Douville holding a tub of filleted salmon
Heather Douville

Product Descriptions by Heather Douville

XTRATUF 15” Insulated Legacy Boots 

Brown, rubber boot from XTRATUF

I’m always freezing, so I wear insulated XTRATUFs year-round. There is no better footwear for fishing, hunting, hiking—or doing anything, for that matter—in southeast Alaska. 

Grundens Neptune Bibs

Black Bibs with pink decoration for fishing

These bibs are perfect for working in the rain and long days fishing out on the ocean. They’re 100 percent waterproof, pink, and have four-way stretch. Let’s face it, the Neptune Bibs are the Lululemon legging version of raingear.

Smartwool 250 Base Layer Pants and Top 

Base Layer pants and top from Smartwool

These are thin, lightweight, and compact, yet really warm. They’re not itchy. They keep me warm when I’m out on the boat and when I’m hiking and hunting. They’re great at quickly wicking away moisture, which reduces the chance of getting cold during stop-and-go hikes. 

Oomingmak Qiviut Star Cap 

Oomingmak Qiviut Star Cap

This hat, made from the underwool of muskox, is eight times warmer than wool. It’s handmade by Alaska Natives and has traditional designs. It’s lightweight, itch-free, and comfortable to wear in any climate.

Eddie Bauer CirrusLite Down Pullover

puffy pink pullover jacket with hood

This puffer keeps me warm while being lightweight. I love the front pouch pocket, which stores all the important things and also acts as a good hand warmer. I own the bright yellow CirrusLite, because in southeast Alaska you need to bring your own sunshine.

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Bjorn Dihle is Alaska magazine's gear editor and a lifelong resident of southeast Alaska. You can follow him at instagram.com/bjorndihle or facebook.com/BjornDihleauthor.

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