Looking for game and enjoying being in the mountains is how most hunters actually spend their time when out there. Here, the author’s brother contemplates caribou country. Photo by Bjorn Dihle. MC, my better half, exhaled like an enraged grizzly and flung an antique rocking chair against our home’s wall. Hell knows no fury like an Alaskan woman who wants to go hunting but can’t get time off from work. “If I can’t go caribou hunting you sure as Peter Piper’s pickled peppers can’t either!” she yelled. MC had been a gentle vegetarian when we met, but on our second date, which took place deep in the wilderness, she was faced with a situation where she had to kill or be killed. There, beneath the aurora dancing across the night sky, as wolves howled in tribute, she tasted the blood of the beast for the first time and there was…

Humans have unprecedented power to change our environment. That also gives us a staggering responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. Here’s one take on what hangs in the balance. It focuses on the Tongass National Forest and features one of Alaska magazine’s regular editors and writers, Bjorn Dihle (also a bear viewing guide and book author), as well as wilderness instructor Forest Wagner. Take action! Let your voice be heard and leave a comment for USDA Forest Service Secretary Sonny Perdue regarding the Roadless Rule by completing the form at https://salmonstate.org/tongass-take-action/

Alaskan hunters help those who have questions HUNTERS JOHN WHIPPLE AND CASEY DINKEL pride themselves on rugged DIY-type hunting adventures that take the duo on epic trips for goats on the south shores of Kodiak or brown bears on the remote island of Unimak. Both consider themselves fortunate to live in a state that allows for such opportunities, and both want other people to experience the same joy and fulfillment they get from those hunts. “We want to reach out to people in the lower forty-eight and show them that Alaskan adventures are very doable,” says Dinkel. 60th Parallel Adventures: “Barren Ground” – Coming Fall 2015 from 60th Parallel Adventures on Vimeo. That goal is accomplished through 60th Parallel Adventures, a company the friends founded in 2014 that features entertaining and educational content put together with photos and videos on their hunts. They cover hunting costs by acting as brand…