With nearly 300,000 residents, Anchorage is a big city, but it’s also the only place on earth you can play golf in bright sunshine at 10 p.m. and watch a moose run through the course, ruining your bogey. Wildlife sightings abound within the city’s 1,944 square miles, an expanse that includes a vibrant downtown area, but also nourishes black bears, grizzlies, bald eagles, beluga whales, Dall sheep, hundreds of bird species, and, of course, moose. In fact, in Anchorage, “a moose was blocking my driveway” is a perfectly acceptable excuse for being late for work or school.

Visit Anchorage

Beyond wildlife and the jaw-dropping scenery of the Chugach Mountains and surrounding trails, the city teems with Native cultural history, culinary artistry, and a rich heritage of mining, fishing, and aviation—giving it that “something extra” in addition to its staple of breweries, events, theaters, and coffee shops. So, while you can use Anchorage as the hub and jumping-off point for other adventures throughout the state, it’s a worthy destination of its own. Whether you spend a week or just a weekend, you’ll find Anchorage to be a place as unique and interesting as a moose’s paddle-shaped antlers.

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