1st place

Texarkana, TX

“Eagle photobomb: On a day trip I took in Kachemak Bay, the eagles were gathered in the trees when this one adult flew into perfect position in front of the many ‘sitters.’”

2nd place

Fort Collins, CO

“Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: We had been waiting along the bank of the creek— waiting just like the bears for salmon to swim up the creek in hopes of reaching their spawning grounds. This young subadult bear got tired of waiting and decided to cross the creek directly in front of us.”

3rd place

Eagle River, AK

“Along the Glenn Highway near Eureka Lodge, I saw this northern hawk owl atop a tall spruce tree. It scanned the area, looking and listening. Suddenly, it flew to another spruce tree a couple hundred yards away, alighted briefly, then flew to yet another treetop. Then it seemed to home in on something and headed straight for the ground, where it pounced in the snow and dead grasses. I walked closer, careful not to get too close. In an instant, the owl took off heading right toward me.”

Honorable Mention

Eagle River, AK

“I ventured out one spring evening to Westchester Lagoon in Anchorage shortly after the arrival of the Arctic terns that had returned to the region to breed. The sun was making its final descent to the horizon when I found these two ‘love birds.’ The male flew around searching for fish on the quiet lake; he would hover over the waters before diving for his catch, then return to the waiting female with his prized offering. If she accepted the gift, the pair were mated. I watched this courtship continue for quite some time while also photographing the experience. I loved the golden glow of the wings as the sun illuminated this pair of elegant birds, and I really loved this intimate moment.”

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