1st place

Eagle River, AK

“In October and November, it is cold, it is brown, it is dead, it is dull, and we wait. We wait for the cold to overcome this tail end of fall when the leaves have blown away and the branches scrape the overcast sky. We wait for snow and ice, and hope that the ice comes first, because we know, the snow will eventually cover it all.” Taken at Rabbit Slough.

2nd place

Valdez, AK

“Diving near Valdez in a soup of moon jellyfish that migrate to Alaska during the summer months. We had managed to get under the main bloom to see how far it stretched. While under it, the shape of the bloom changed like a rolling wave of water crashing on a beach. Was amazing to witness!”

3rd place

Fort Collins, CO

“I was on the beach at Anchor Point at low tide hoping to photograph some bald eagles. The eagles were nowhere to be found, but then two women came riding up the beach on their horses. It was a beautiful scene with the horses and riders framed against Mount Iliamna.”

Honorable Mention

Mariposa, CA

At the Finger Lake checkpoint during the 2019 Iditarod.

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