Congratulations to our 2022 photo contest winners. Each image tells a story or captures a slice of Alaska’s unique beauty, adventure, or way of life. This year, we’ve included photographers’ Instagram names so you can follow them online to see even more of their explorations around Alaska and beyond. We hope you enjoy these colorful images from around the Great Land.

Grand Prize Winner JENNIFER SMITH @jfogle02

Look for this image on the cover of our February Issue of Alaska Magazine.

Ice Bear: “Blessed with an early winter and a late salmon run, a Kodiak brown bear finds itself encased in ice. The ice around this young sow’s face makes the perfect heart shape.”


Alaska Life: Representing Alaskans and/or their way of life, traditions, culture, or authentic “only in Alaska” moments.

CLOSE-UPS: Showing the close-up details of anything Alaskan, from nature to people to urban constructs.

Scenic: Emphasizing the landscape and scenery of Alaska with or without the human element.

Wildlife: Animals native to Alaska (not in captivity).

Alaska Life

1st Place JILLIAN BLUM @jillian.blum

Teamwork Harvesting: “Filling bull caribou tags in the arctic tundra.”

2nd Place DAVID NEEL @akwildphoto

Vaporized Sunset

3rd Place BRANDON COLE @alaskanadventures

The Salmon Run: “Finding their way through a maze of rivers, the salmon return to their final spawning grounds by the thousands. As they slowly fade away, the trout and everything else downstream feed on the nutrients they leave behind, making them vital for the river’s ecosystem.”

Honorable Mention Gabriel Takak

Inupiaq Lifeblood


1st Place DANA FOLEY @danafo63

“A common loon came over to check me out while I was kayaking.” 

2nd Place K. JOANNE KNIGHT @offroadjo


3rd Place ALEX GOODE @msgoode19

“Fireweed with a view of the Homer spit.”

Honorable Mention SABINE SIMMONS @sabine_simmons

On the Coast


1st Place CAT WOOD @silkycoyote

“In the stillness of a summer night, the last rays of the midnight sun dance across the north face of Denali.”

2nd Place JACK OUELLETTE @alaska__jack

The Milky Way Galaxy over King Mountain

3rd Place Michael Phelps @ravenseyephoto22

Aurora over Juneau

Honorable Mention NICK HAWK @Nick_hawk.05

“A young man gazing off into the midnight sun towards the open ocean in Kasilof.” 


1st Place SCOTT PUDWELL @scott.pudwell

Brown Bear Wrestling: “Two third-year cubs wrestle in the lupine at Lake Clark National Park.”

2nd Place John Overbaugh @john.overbaugh

“A humpback whale breaches near three kayakers during a whale watching excursion in Hoonah.” 

3rd Place SCOTT PUDWELL @scott-pudwell

Sunset Bear Patrol: “Coastal brown bear patrolling a Lake Clark National Park creek mouth for silver salmon in August at sunset.

Honorable Mention Jerry Herrod @jerryherrodphotoalaska

The Great Ram: “The grandest of them all.”

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