Bambino’s customer Charlie Loc’s second baby on Bambino’s. Photo courtesy Bambino’s Baby Food.

Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas grew up in a family of organic farmers and restaurateurs, then went on to earn a medical degree and spend her early professional life in medicine. Those experiences gave her an appreciation for how important good food was for someone’s physical and mental health. “Food is the foundation of someone’s life,” she says. So when she noticed recovering cancer patients she was working with push away the baby food they were being given, she decided to make something better. 

Maroudas-Tziolas started working on Bambino’s Baby Food in 2013 and incorporated it as a business in 2015. The food is manufactured in an Anchorage facility and includes Alaskan barley, vegetables, and seafood. Bambino’s reaches consumers in bags of frozen, star-shaped pieces. Those pieces can be eaten frozen or melted to a creamy consistency.

Bambino’s latest product is sockeye salmon strips, launched in 2021. Maroudas-Tziolas says she wanted to showcase traditional Alaskan foods and push past the idea that all seafood is bad for infants. The protein-packed sockeye strips include important omega-3 fatty acids plus other essential vitamins and minerals. “I hope as we continue to grow we can expand our operation and work together with our local farmers and fishermen and bring a new light to health and wellness,” Maroudas-Tziolas says.


Alexander Deedy formerly worked as the assistant editor and digital content manager for Alaska magazine.

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